Practical details for your sailing trip

Number of people

On board Alfados, there are 3 double bed cabins, so a maximum of 6 people can join the tour in a very comfortable way.


The sports cruise

Do you have sea legs and do you already sail? Do you want to sail the high sea with family or friends? If a bit of wind and the attraction of sailing yourself tempts you, then the sports cruise is for you!!

Your skipper will leave you the bar at your request and gives you advice on the optimal sail adjustment. So you can sail as if you were the captain and at the same time obtain more marine skills with the help of a professional.

The pleasure cruise

You do not have sea legs but you want to explore the happiness of sailing in a safe way. As a couple, a family or with friends, you want to enjoy the sea, the sun and the sailing experience? Then the pleasure cruise is the right option for you!

While you are watching the delphins, the skipper will sail towards your next destination. Even if you did not sail before, you will immediately feel comfortable. With a few clear and concise orders, you will help hoisting the sail or landing at the port. And if you wish, you can hold the bar.


High season (April, July, August, September, from 15 December till 15 January)

Sports cruise or Pleasure cruise: 3300 euro for 1 week

Low season (the other months)

Sports cruise or Pleasure cruise: 2900 euro for 1 week


Following availability, you can rent the boat for 2, 3 or the number of days you desire. Ask us for a tailor-made offer. We will answer you as soon as possible.

What is included

Towels, bedding and the cleaning of the entire boat

Rental of boat with skipper

Port shipping costs (for your comfort, we will sleep sheltered in a port)

What is not included

Food (Dinner can be had in the restaurants close to the harbors)

Busses or taxis

What do you bring along

A complete list will be added when booking

What is expected from you

A little help with sailing (you do not have to be an expert…)